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News - New Features in Version 5.0

The EasyReporting 5.0 is a major update release for Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016 users. This release now supports Excel 64bit versions and has had a major re-write and is based on a COM / XLL add-in. All functions use the same input parameters and will work automatically after running the repair links tool.

The following are some of the major enhancements included in this release: 

EasyReporting Ribbon & Help & Interface

With the write of EasyReporting which now supports Excel 64bit versions particular care has been taken to ensure functions and applications work exactly the same way as they did in EasyReporting 4.2 and earlier versions.

When using EasyReporting functions input level help is now available for each input and has been updated.

Multiple Connections

EasyReporting now allows you setup multiple connections to your J.D Edwards system. For example you can setup a connection to the current version of the software you are running and a version which you are upgrading to or your test or development environment. When you login you can select which environment you wish to connect.


Function Processing Speed

With the move to the 64bit architecture and the COM/XLL Add-in has resulted in improved processing times for all EasyReporting functions and exports.

EasyReporting Activations

EasyReporting calendar year activations has been fixed to work in all current versions of EasyReporting and Windows and languages.

Period Balances Export

This utility allows for a flexible export of period balances for a company or a business unit. It is extremely useful when preparing and checking budget data.


AR Export

The accounts receivable export application has been enhanced to allow exports over a date range and an optional filter on company. Additional columns have been added to the AR export based on user feedback.


Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger Exports

Limits on the number of rows for exports has been increased to the maximum allowable in version of Excel which is being used. Formatting of output from EasyReporting exports has been enhanced based on user feedback.

Auto Create Row Sheet

Improved the processing speed of EasyReporting when creating of row sheets. Added the ability to export of model and consolidated business units.

EasyReporting Configuration Tool Updates

The EasyReporting configuration tool also has been re-written to support the setup of the 64bit version of Excel.

The changes in the tool include:

The ability to change the location where log files are written is now set from the configuration assistant.
The EasyReporting properties tool is now incorporated into the Configuration Assistant, which allows for the exporting of the EasyReporting setup.

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