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produce customised financial and management reports easily and automactically

Businesses need timely, accurate and appropriate information, presented in an easy to read format, to facilitate the day-to-day decisions that dynamic environments demand. EasyReporting was developed to enable users to produce business reports that meet these criteria. EasyReporting is an cost effective solution that requires little or no training, making it a popular choice with both IT departments and business users alike. Customised reports can be built by users from company, financial, distribution and customer service data. Without having to re-key any data, they can create and publish their own high quality, readable reports, e.g. Financial, Sales, Management KPIs.

EasyReporting is a software tool that allows the production of comprehensive, precise and clear reports from the data held within JD Edwards systems, using standard Microsoft Excel features. It allows Excel to make a connection with the ERP software (using standard ODBC connectivity to AS400, Oracle or SQL Server databases) so that the user can select pre-defined functions to extract and summarise data.

EasyReporting is designed within the familiar spreadsheet software, Excel,and incorporates pre-built functions that are intended to minimise/eradicate the need for user knowledge of source databases when producing financial reports. Using pre-built functions, EasyReporting masks the complexities of the source database and field names from the user, making it a very easy-to-use tool and significantly reducing the time taken to create, modify and deploy reports. As the formatting of the report is done via standard Excel formatting, it reduces the time taken to tailor a report to suit specific end user requirements.

EasyReporting can create easy-to-use Excel reports from the following application areas…


Accounts PayableItem Ledger History
Account ReceivableItem Master
Address BookPurchasing
Customer ServiceSales Order
Fixed AssetsSales Order History
General LedgerSales Summary History
InventoryWork Orders
Item Ledger

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